Contacting Free Support

vistaPanel includes integrated support in the control panel, we do not provide in-depth script technical support however so please keep this in mind.

Creating a Support Ticket on Free Hosting
  • Login to your control panel
  • Click on Create a NEW Ticket
  • Click the large graphic to continue to submit a support request if your issue isn't addressed by the knowledge base articles
  • Select a reasonable priority from the Priority menu
    • Emergency: Major Server Errors or Service Issues
    • High: Account Related Errors or Access Issues
    • Medium: Errors or Issues with your Site
    • Low: Information or other low-priority request
  • Select the affected site, if it is an account or server issue, select your main website from the Affected Site menu
  • Provide a reasonable Subject for your ticket, be concise and brief (eg: Cannot access FTP or File Manager)
  • Finally type a detailed message to support regarding your issue, include as much information as possible such as links, error messages or other text which helps to understand or investigate the issue
  • Click¬†Create Ticket

Your ticket has now been created and is awaiting response from the support staff, please remain patient during this time, your ticket will be answered based on priority and the order in which it was received.

Viewing Existing Tickets and Responding to them

When you create a ticket it will be available via Open Tickets in your website control panel, when you receive a response the ticket status will change to reflect that.

To reply to a support response you can open the ticket and at the bottom will be a reply form, do not create new tickets as replies to existing tickets.

What do I do if I'm suspended or can't login to my account?

If you are suspended or otherwise unable to login to your account please use the Premium Support information to file a request.

You are only authorized to utilize this method if you are:

  • Not able to login
  • Suspended
  • Upgrading to a Premium account