Contacting Premium Support

From time-to-time you may need to contact our technical, billing or sales support teams for various reasons be it errors, advice or questions or other reasons.

Premium services have a special support portal available via first you will want to create a support account if you do not have one prior to attempting to login.

Once you have your support account you are able to login immediately and file a support ticket.

Filing a Support Ticket for Premium Services
  • Login to your support account
  • Click on Create new ticket from the left sidebar
  • Click on Click here to submit support request
  • Select a reasonable priority from the Priority menu
    • Emergency: Major Server Errors or Service Issues
    • High: Account Related Errors or Access Issues
    • Medium: Errors or Issues with your Site
    • Low: Information or other low-priority request
  • Select the affected site, if it is an account or server issue, select your main website from the Affected Site menu
  • Provide a reasonable Subject for your ticket, be concise and brief (eg: Cannot access FTP or File Manager)
  • Finally type a detailed message to support regarding your issue, include as much information as possible such as links, error messages or other text which helps to understand or investigate the issue
  • Click Create Ticket

You have successfully file a support ticket and are now awaiting response from our Premium support team which will answer it both based on the priority and order in which it was received.

Responding to Existing Premium Tickets

Click on the View open tickets link in your left sidebar, a list of existing open tickets with our staff will be presented, you will be able to view any of those tickets and at the bottom a reply/follow-up form.

Using this follow-up form within the ticket you can reply easily quickly and in a manner which best helps us to help you. Do not create new tickets as replies to existing tickets.