Frequently Asked Domain Questions

Can my domain start with www.?

Yes, when you add a domain (including sub-domains) you automatically have both www and non-www versions of the domain created for your site.

Can I have more than one sub-domain?

Yes, all plans and services allow you to have more than one sub-domain for easy expansion, with free hosting you also have a number of choices of what domain you want to have as part of your sub-domain.

What are my nameservers?

For free hosting these would be listed in your website control panel under the respective domain addition options however for brevity's sake they are:


For Premium or cPanel services they are included in your initial welcome e-mail and there are typically two (2) nameservers in the form of and

For VPS services we recommend the use of FreeDNS or your domain registrar provided nameservers for DNS management.

I can only use two nameservers yet free hosting has five, what do I do?

Use only and, the rest are provided for extra redundancy in the event of fault.

I can't change my nameservers, only use A records, how do I add my domain?

While rare this can happen and the recommended course of action is to use the IP of the server to add your record.

First you will need to determine the IP of your server, on free hosting this would be the IP of your initial free sub-domain you created when signing up, on cPanel services this is the temporary IP listed in your welcome e-mail and for VPS you use the IP of your VPS as provided.

You will create not one but two (2) records on your domain which in this case is and our IP is IN A IN A

Then add it to your control panel as necessary or in VPS create the necessary files for your webserver configuration.