Frequently Asked PHP Questions

Do you support PHP?

Yes all plans support PHP however cPanel based shared-hosting and free hosting each feature restrictions on some functions or features.

Do you support cURL and sockets?

Yes, on premium paid plans these are fully supported and on free hosting HTTP only services are supported.

Is PHP safe_mode on or off?

Off on all services, you can enable this to be on if necessary by using the following .htaccess  directive:

php_value safe_mode on

What functions are disabled?

On all services, server-level functions (eg. exec) are disabled however this may change as new versions of PHP come out.

To find the latest functions disabled please refer to PHP info by uploading a page with the following content:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

Is ionCube supported?

Yes, all services support ionCUBE.

Do you support GD?

Yes, GD2 is supported on our platforms.

Do you support Imagemagick?

Unfortunately we do not support this particular library at this point in time due to issues with the underlying coding for this library and module.

Do you support Zend?

Yes, all services support zend optimizer encoded scripts.

Do you limit PHP memory usage?

All web hosts feature memory limits, ours are very generous as for free hosting, you can have upto 24M of memory, on cPanel services this is 32M~128M as needed.

Is PHP mail enabled?

Yes, you may use the mail() function of PHP on all of our services however we do recommend using SMTP based configurations for scripts and third-party mailing servers to better help your recipients to receive the intended message.