Frequently Asked Service Questions

How do I report abuse or violations of the Terms of Service?

The best way to do this is via support ticket or if not a customer via our abuse form

Be sure to include in any abuse report:

  • URL of site in violation
  • Type of violation (eg. illegal downloads, phishing, etc..)

Where are the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy?

You can find them here: Terms of Service -- Privacy Policy

Can I use my account for file storage?

We do not provide file storage only plans, only web hosting services, if you are a paid customer this type of activity is not covered under our unlimited space policy.

Do you support SSH access?

Only on Business, VPS and Dedicated plans is this level of access available either directly or upon request.

Do you backup user data?

We maintain SERVER-WIDE backups only, this means we cannot restore a single account, file, database or other data out of an individual account as the backups are intended solely for restoration of entire servers in the event of catastrophe.

Please implement and maintain your own backups for your account level data!

Which plans have Fantastico?

All Premium cPanel plans include the Fantastico installer, for free hosting users you have the iVista installer which is similar in function.

Can I run cron jobs?

Premium hosting users have the ability to run cron jobs at minimum, every 15 minutes unless on a VPS or Dedicated service plan where control of the server is in your hands.

Do you support ASP?

We do not support ASP unless you opt for a dedicated server with a Windows hosting environment.

Can I customize my error pages?

Yes, via .htaccess on all services.

Can I run Python scripts?

Yes, via CGI-BIN on Premium cPanel services and VPS and dedicated plans can be configured as needed by you to do so.

Do you support CGI and Perl?

Yes, all Premium plans have this capability via the CGI-BIN and of course VPS and dedicated plans can be made to support such scripting.

Can I use SSI?

Yes however you will need to configure it via .htaccess:

AddType text/html .shtml
AddHandler server-parsed .shtml
Options Indexes FollowSymLinks Includes