Frequently Asked Uploading Questions

What is the maximum filesize?

This of course depends on your service plan, please see below:

Free Hosting 4MB 2MB 1.5MB
cPanel Premium UNLIMITED** <300MB 10MB
MethodFTPFile ManagerPHP

* means on VPS this is at your discretion hence unlimited.
** means that for this service, this is not capped however abuse will lead to termination

What filetypes are supported?

We support all filetypes on all services with the exception of free hosting which does not support executable files and key multimedia and archival filetypes due to abuse.

Do you support Frontpage Extensions?

We currently support Frontpage Extensions on cPanel services only however it should be noted that in the future we most likely will not be supporting these extensions due to lack of active development and the switch to FTP support primarily by Microsoft in its web editing solutions.

How do I setup my FTP?

All accounts receive information on FTP information in their welcome e-mail with the exception of VPS, for more information refer to Free Hosting FTP and cPanel Hosting FTP

How do I CHMOD files?

CHMOD or CHange MODe is a manner of changing permissions on files or directories, for how to do this please refer to your respective service area for in-depth information as there are multiple methods for how to accomplish this action.

Can I use the built-in FTP support of Internet Explorer or Windows?

Yes, however this is not recommended in general as such supporting clients do not provide verbose output for sessions and thus cannot help in troubleshooting any connectivity or other FTP issues.

If possible please use a dedicated FTP client to transfer your files such as Filezilla

Can I unzip files on the server?

Yes, using the File Manager portion of your control panel, if on a VPS plan you can install a file manager script or use the direct access you have to the server to run necessary commands.

Can I use WebFTP?

Yes, you may use a service such as net2FTP in conjunction with your FTP accounts.

How do I set file and folder permissions?

Using CHMOD, please refer to the question above, How do I CHMOD files?

What FTP client do you recommend?

We prefer and endorse the use of Filezilla as it is free and open source and runs on multiple platforms however you are free to choose any client you prefer.

How do I upload an entire folder to my account?

Using an FTP client in most cases it will be drag-and-drop from your computer to the server however for VPS you will need to configure FTP support or use WinSCP or other similar SFTP client.

Can I use custom .htaccess files and mod_rewrite?

Yes, you have the ability on all services to use both .htaccess files and mod_rewrite capabilities.

Do you offer SFTP?

We are working to provide SFTP solutions on the majority of services however at this time we only provide them on VPS services.

How many FTP connections can I have?

You can have upto two (2) for free hosting and upto four (4) for most other plans, on VPS this is at your discretion.

Can I setup my account in Dreamweaver?

Yes however we do not provide in-depth configuration information for this or many other editing solutions, please refer to your program documentation for setting up an FTP connection for your editor.

What methods of upload are supported?

We provide you with two major methods on free hosting and cPanel based services being FTP and File Manager access, on VPS this is at your discretion.