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VistaPanel Tutorials (Free Hosting)

cPanel Tutorials (Paid Hosting)

vistaPanel Basics - Accessing your free hosting control panel

File Management
Managing Files via FTP - Manage your files using an FTP Client
Managing Files via File Manager - Manage files with File Manager

Domain Management
Adding your own Domain - How to use your own domains with vistaPanel
Parking your Domain - How to park domains on existing sites in vistaPanel
Expanding via Subdomains - Creating and using subdomains to expand your site
Managing DNS Records - How to create custom MX and CNAME records in vistaPanel

Database Management
Creation and Removal - How to create and remove databases in vistaPanel
Managing via phpMyAdmin - Using phpMyAdmin to manage your databases

Taking and Restoring Backups
MySQL Databases - How to backup and restore MySQL databases via phpMyAdmin
Files and Folders - How to backup and restore your site file structure

Free Hosting Video Tutorials
Logging into vistaPanel
Filing Support Tickets
Using Google Apps
Changing your password
Addon Domains
CNAME Records
Managing Databases
Updating your Email
Parked Domains
MX Records
File Manager

cPanel Basics - Accessing your paid hosting control panel

File Management
Using an FTP Client - Using an FTP Client to upload files
Using File Manager - How to update files and sites via cPanel File Manager

MySQL Management
Create and Remove Databases - How to make and delete databases in cPanel
Managing MySQL Users - How to add, remove and attach MySQL users to databases
Manage databases via phpMyAdmin - Using phpMyAdmin in cPanel to manage databases
Enabling and Using Remote MySQL - How to remotely access MySQL databases via cPanel

Domains Management
Adding New Domains - How to use addon domains in cPanel to host more sites on one account
Parking Domains - How to point more than one domain to one site with cPanel
Expanding for free with Subdomains - How to create and use subdomains in cPanel to expand your site free
Managing Custom DNS Records - How to create and manage custom CNAME, MX and other records

E-mail Management
Setup and Control E-mail Accounts - How to create e-mail accounts, forwarding e-mails, change passwords and more in cPanel
Access Webmail - Using and accessing webmail clients on cPanel
Using E-mail Clients - Setting up POP or IMAP access for e-mail accounts on cPanel

Making and Restoring Backups
Files and Folders - Backing up files via Backup Wizard, FTP and File Manager in cPanel
MySQL Databases - Using Backup Wizard and phpMyAdmin for backups

cPanel Hosting Video Tutorials
Change Password
Creating Backups
MySQL Wizard
Update E-mail
Addon Domains
Making Emails
Password Protect
Change cPanel Theme
Parked Domains
Forwarding Emails
Hotlink Protection
Using File Manager
IP Deny Manager
FTP Accounts
MySQL Databases
GnuPG Manager

General Tutorials and Information

Frequently Asked Questions
Outlines general support availablility of PHP scripting language on all hosting services.
General definiation of name servers, IP addresses domains, sub domains and more.
FTP, File Managers, CHMOD, upload limtits and more.
Account / Order / Login / General
Your login / account information, passwords, usernames. ordering, cancelling, billing and general information.
Importing / Exporting, making a database and general MySQL information.
Service and General Questions
Terms,  privacy,  acceptable usage, backups and misc.
VPS Tutorials VPS Resources
Common Tasks and Commands - Things you will run a lot when connected via SSH
MySQL Basics - Using MySQL from the command line to create users and databases
phpMyAdmin - Installing phpMyAdmin for easier management of databases on VPS
Setting up FTP - Installing ProFTPd for FTP access and creating an FTP user
Install FTP with webmin - Installing ProFTPd with webmin
Expanding your Sites - Create new sub-domains and sites on your VPS with webmin
Webmin Documentation - Information on use and configuration
nginx - Official nginx webserver site
Apache httpd Docs - Documentation on Apache configuration options and more
PHP.net - Official site and source for PHP
Linux Commands - Excellent command reference
Debian - The official site of the preferred VPS image we provide
CentOS - The official site of the preferred VPS alternative image we provide
Video TutorialsVPS Hosting Video Tutorials

Adding a new domain
Domain Parking
Creating a Database
Backup a Database
File Management
Enabling Mail
Using Google Apps
mail() through Google
DoS Attack Detection