Using Parked Domains in cPanel

A parked domain is much like having two or more addresses for one site, for instance you could have the .net and .org versions of your domain all parked on the .com add-on domain so all three load the same website.

Parking Your Domain

First you need to determine your nameservers, these can be found numerous ways, the easiest of which is to refer back to the original account details e-mail where they will be listed as and

An alternative to this method is to query an existing domain on the account via nslookup available on most computers through the command prompt.


  1. Open a command prompt on your computer
  2. Run: nslookup
  3. Run: set type=ns
  4. Run:

You should see a response like:

> set type=ns

Non-authoritative answer:	nameserver =	nameserver =

In this case the nameservers for the domain already on the account would be and which is what we should use for new domain additions.

Now that we have our nameservers we can exit nslookup by running: exit

Adding the domain to cPanel

  1. Login to your domain registrar control panel
  2. Remove any existing nameserver (NS) records from the domain you want to add
  3. Add those for your cPanel account obtained earlier from the welcome e-mail or nslookup
  4. Go to your cPanel
  5. Click on Parked Domains
  6. Under the Create a New Parked Domain header, type the domain name you're adding
  7. Click Add Domain

If your DNS has been updated properly you will receive a success message and be able to set the parked location in Parked Domains.

If you receive an error, the issue is most likely that not enough time has passed between changing the nameservers and adding the domain, it can take upto 24~72 hours, however usually less than 4 hours in most cases.

Removing a Parked Domain

  1. Login to cPanel
  2. Click on Parked Domains
  3. Below the Modify Add-on Domain header, click the Remove button next to the domain you want to remove

This will remove only the domain from the account, databases and files will remain intact.

If you intend on re-adding it later allow at least one (1) hour to pass before attempting to add the domain to the same or any other account you may have and remember, DNS changes such as nameserver records take 24~72 hours before fully applied.