Using a desktop or other e-mail client

E-mail can be accessed from your computer if you prefer immediate and direct access, this can be accomplished by adding your e-mail account to a client such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Mail,, Mozilla Thunderbird or any standard POP3 or IMAP compatible mail solution.

Automatic configuration

Automatic configuration is available for many clients and is easy to use, automatic configuration for various forms of access is available for:

  • Microsoft Outlook 2000® (which can include other versions)
  • Microsoft Outlook Express® (which can include Microsoft Mail)
  • Mac®

To obtain the automatic configuration file for your particular mail application:

  • Login to cPanel
  • Click Email Accounts
  • In the search box, type the e-mail you want to use and click Search Mail
  • In the Actions column for the e-mail address you want to use, click More and then Configure Email Client
  • Click the link which corresponds to the settings you wish to use and your mail client of choice
  • Follow the prompts and choose run from location if prompted
  • When/if prompted to add the information to the registry (Windows) click yes

Ensure your mail client is closed before installing the automatic configuration files, once installed you can open your mail client and access your mail.

Manual Configuration

If your mail client of choice is not supported by automatic configuration, you can still use it provided it has the necessary support for the protocols POP and/or IMAP.

Please refer to your mail client documentation for how to utilize/setup new e-mail accounts.

Information required:

  1. Username: (basically it's the e-mail address with a + instead of @)
  2. Email account password
  3. Incoming Mail Server:
  4. Outgoing Mail Server: (requires authentication) port 26

You will most likely be prompted for the e-mail password twice, once when you first access your e-mail to download it and again when you send your first outgoing e-mail, many clients permit you to remember password automatically and this is recommended.