MySQL DB Management Webmin

STEP ONE: Create Mysql Database

  • Login via Webmin
-Click Servers
-Click MySQL Database Servers
-Click Create a new databases
Mysql Database Server
-Change the value of 'Database name' to the database you want to create
-Click Create
Create database
-Back on the Mysql Database Server you can see the new database you just created.

View existing databases

STEP TWO: Create Mysql Username

While still in Webmin and in the Mysql Database Server section do the following....

-Click on User Permissions
Users Permissions
-Click on Create new user
Create new user
-Change the value of Username with the mysql user you want to use.
-Create a password for this user name
-Holding 'Shift' down select all permissions for your username or use 'Ctrl' to select custom permissions for your username
Create New Mysql User

-Click Create
-You should now see the mysql username you have just created in the Mysql User list.
View mysql users

-You should now be ready to setup your script.

STEP THREE: Setting up your websites scripts, wordpress database configuration example (Optional)

-Upload your wordpress files to your docs root.
-Rename wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php

  • Login to your VPS via SSH
#cd /home/
#mv wp-config-sample.php wp-config.php

Renaming WP-CONFIG
-Edit the wp-config.php database configuration with th mysql username and database you have just created.
-The Mysql Hostname will always be localhost

#nano wp-config.php

Edit Database configuration
Edit database Configuration

-Save your wp-config.php by pressing 'ctrl+x' and then 'y' and press the enter key
-Now you can start installing your wordpress blog.